HIPER Workstation for Professionals

HIPER Workstation for Professionals is custom build workstation. That is a researched methodology of optimizing the hardware effectively communicates to the software and software communicates to the hardware.

HIPER Workstations are custom build workstations based on the clients requirement and application that customers use

We ensure that HIPER Workstation are 25% faster than other workstation.


  1. Faster Delivery and performance

  1. Latest Technology updates
  1. Customer gets the right choice of Optimized Hardware for their design application required.
  1. HIPER Workstations are hardware + software with right optimization, service pack drives and etc. installed and tested.
  1. Immediate online support.
  1. 2 Years Warranty



1-866/43, 1st Blue Tower Complex CIB Colony Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) - 585101 Karnataka, India


+91 8050783218


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